Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new release! ///neurotika///yasmin.dress

*L.O.W. Sale Special, 50% off! ends June 9th (letter Y)*
the lovechild of a monokini and a minidress, with a deep plunge neckline and laced up front... well, barely laced up... comes in 8 colours available in-world and on the marketplace (fatpack available in-world only), and a special edition colour available only through the Depraved Summer Nights Hunt.
200L$ ea./1440L$ fatpack (20%discount)

and now... the pics!

*giggles to herself mischievously...* i could not stop myself!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

depraved summer nights hunt and new releases

i was... lazy, and didn't blog the last new release, so i have finally given myself the much needed and well-aimed kick in the arse. plus, ///neurotika/// is in the Depraved Summer Nights Hunt (woohooo!), starting june 1st. lots of good stores involved in this hunt, so i don't know about you, but i'm gonna have a field day! not sure if i should consider the ///neurotika/// hunt gift female only or unisex, as i'm sure the guys will enjoy it, even if they won't be wearing it... you decide ;) it's a special edition colour for the hunt only, but there will be other colours of the yasmin dress for sale as well. so without further ado or laziness, here are the pics, and sorry i was a lazy bugger... now if anyone knows where i can get the finest bamboo in sl, i need to bribe neurotika not to go kung fu panda on me. she's short, but she'd bite my ankle to even the odds, i just know it. (oh yes i would! and btw, she forgot to mention that ///neurotika/// is now fully available on the marketplace... better be some damn good bamboo she's bringing over... ~neurotika)

new releases, including the L.O.W. Sale special (letter m, maroon):

(i cannot believe she commandeered the blog... crazy panda... - persis)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

///neurotika/// photostream

Persis Iali///neurotika///logoneurotika - lowrise and lowrise worn jeansneurotika - laced tops mm board gift in prismneurotika - laced tops 04neurotika - laced tops 03
neurotika - laced tops 02neurotika - laced tops 01neurotika - draped flora top - 01neurotika - sorbet dress 02neurotika - sorbet dress 01neurotika eyes - murano
neurotika eyes - cyberneko 02neurotika eyes - cyberneko 01neurotika eyes - cyberneko dark 02neurotika eyes - cyberneko dark 01neurotika pjs - sakura 04neurotika pjs - sakura 03
neurotika pjs - sakura 02neurotika pjs - sakura 01neurotika pjs - plaid 04neurotika pjs - plaid 03neurotika pjs - plaid 02neurotika pjs - plaid 01
just finished setting up the ///neurotika/// flickr account, it will serve as an online catalog for everything ///neurotika///. it's arranged into sets, so if you'd like to see eyes only, or pjs only, etc, you can do so :) the thumbnails above are only a small glimpse ;)

had the grand opening the day before yesterday, and it feels very good to have the store open at last. there is a 20% discount on all gift cards, so if you buy a gift card and use it yourself... you've got a 20 % discount on your purchases! the midnight mania gift is the prism version of the laced top, and the board target is set to 25. it WILL be forced each time it locks, because waiting till midnight just isn't as much fun, don't you agree??

anyways, soon ///neurotika///@sl.marketplace will be up and running with all items for sale, but till then, there are always gift cards, both on the marketplace and at the mainstore in triangulum. will be working on more releases, including some guy stuff in the near future and a group gift, so please do subscribe in sl or follow this blog to keep posted. feel free to use the sl url in the links sidebar and check out the store, any feedback is appreciated, though not as much as waking up a few lindens richer hehe... hey, at least i'm being honest!

i'm sleepy now, nini. *huggles*
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